How To Cure Panic Attacks?

A panic attack can be a deadly feeling which might be caused due to various reasons such as fear, worrying and terror. A panic attack may inflict an individual without the actual danger or disaster. In most cases, it hardly takes couple of minute’s time before the situation aggravates and the patient faints. In rare cases, the attack may last for a few more minutes or even half an hour, but it may subside after a point of time and leave behind immense pain. If you’re wondering how to cure panic attacks, then following is an extensive guide for dealing with the situation.

How To Get Rid of Panic AttacksPanic attacks can be extremely difficult to deal with especially, if you’re suffering from an attack for the first time in your life. Besides the negative impacts they have upon your body and mind, they cause immense stress, depression and other thoughts that might make it difficult for you to lead a normal life.

It has been often found that people suffering from panic attacks often start depending upon their friends and family both financially as well as emotionally. This results in straining of their relationship with these people. Everyone has their financial obligations, so handling your expenses would become tough for your friends and family, so at the end you would left all alone. Therefore, if you wish to avoid such a situation, then you need to take precautionary steps for avoiding panic attacks. Avoid these attacks is not a rocket science. You just need to have some basic knowledge about panic steps, their symptoms, tips to avoid the attacks and effective steps to deal with the situation.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of panic attacks, but are doubtful about the possibility of effectively dealing with the situation, then it’s high time you stopped being pessimist.

It is essential for you to acknowledge the symptoms of panic attacks. When panic attacks start, they may bring along more too. In such a situation you need to be calm and try breathing deeply. Here, it’s important for you to have complete control over your thoughts because your thoughts would control your life. If you just give up in mind, then it will be difficult for your body to resist. You can try thinking positively and remember good memories.

If you keep on thinking about how to overcome panic attacks, then here’s a strategy. Keep things simple. There’s no need to push yourself harder. There’s no need to criticize yourself because this is not going to benefit you in anyway. Try to avoid thinking on those things that are related to your traumatic past. You can’t let your past hinder your future because at the end of day, the past has very less role to play in your life.

It is essential for you to perform exercise on a regular basis, as it is help you relaxing. You can take out one hour from your daily schedule and spend this time on strengthening your body and preparing it for effectively dealing with panic attacks. You can take professional help in order to know useful tips for dealing with the situation. You can even learn breathing exercises because they can be a great help in relieving the pressure. Some breathing exercises have been used by sages in east for past many centuries in order to deal with anxiety and fear. If the question ‘how to overcome panic disorder troubles, then it’s time you started using breathing exercises on a daily basis.

Most people tend to avoid sleep giving an excuse that they are busy, but the reality is that in most cases they spend their valuable on social networking websites. These websites instill plenty of negative thoughts and ideas, which have long term negative impact upon our subconscious. If you want to avoid panic attacks, then it is essential for you to get a good sleep during night hours. If you can’t devote 8 hrs daily, then take out at least 6 hrs for sleeping. Experts opine that a good night’s sleep helps us in maintaining a sound body and mind.
  • Avoid caffeine: Caffeine makes us nervous and anxious, so it is advisable to avoid it at all times. Apart from this, you need to also avoid sugary drinks because they are not good for our health. You need to also restrict yourself from drinking alcohol.

  • Consume healthy food: You need to make it a point to maintain a healthy diet which includes fruits and fresh vegetables. Food items that are rich in vitamin B have a great impact on our body. Moreover, these food items also help in avoiding panic attacks. You need to consume natural food items rather than junk foods. It has been found that junk food items harm our digestive system and in the long run inflict a plethora of diseases.

  • Consult a doctor: Above all, if you wish to know how to cure panic attacks, then you need to consult a doctor or an expert in this field because he will be having an in-depth knowledge on the subject. Your personal doctor would recommend you various methods and medications, which have been tried and tested for dealing with panic attacks. The common methods recommended by doctors are drinking herbal tea, methods for brain relaxation, medicines etc, which give a long term benefit.
The doctor may also recommend cognitive behavior therapies for treating the problem of panic attack. Doctor would recreate panic situations such rotating of chair while you’re sitting on it, holding your breadth for a few seconds etc. these actions would lead to tension, nausea, breathlessness and dizziness, which is typically what happens when you’re facing a panic attack. Over a period of time, the patient understands the situation and stops overreacting. Once the patient stops reacting and starts focusing on his breathing, then things start getting normal because this is the first step towards normalcy. Once the patient is introduced towards all those situations which scares him, then he starts adapting them and there’s lesser chances of panic attacks.

But sometimes, people whom experienced an attack could mistook a panic attack for an anxiety attack. Read below to learn more.

How to Overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

How To Overcome Generalized Anxiety DisorderAnxiety disorder is often confused with panic attacks; however, you must know that a generalized anxiety disorder is not the same as a panic attack. Generalized anxiety disorder is a kind of mental disorder in which the patient has the fear of facing certain situations or events. On the other hand, a panic attack is a kind of anxiety disorder occurs when a person faces certain situation of extreme panic repeatedly. The sudden feeling of panic is known as panic attacks. Some people experience such intensive panic attacks they tend to be crippled emotionally. These kinds of attacks can last for a few second to a few minutes and the after affects may also differ from person to person. The symptoms of anxiety disorder differ from the symptoms of panic attacks. If you are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder the symptoms may include muscle tension, dizziness, nausea, difficult to concentrate on work, whereas the symptoms of panic attack include sudden increase in pulse rate, profuse sweating, choking sensation and dizzy feeling.

Treatment options for overcoming generalized anxiety disorder:
Today, science and medical technology have come a long way and is highly advanced. Plenty of new medications, therapies are been developed everyday to help the general people alleviate and even eradicated the symptoms of various illness and disorders including generalized anxiety disorder. Apart from consuming medicines there are other ways to control you anxious feelings, the methods are discussed below.

Learn different relaxation techniques:
Research has proved that practicing various relaxation techniques is one of the best ways to get relief from anxiety disorder symptoms. The modality you choose to relax is unimportant as long as the technique works for you. There are plenty of relaxation techniques that you can follow such as yoga, medication, breathing control, exercise and breathing control. These techniques have been tried and tested to help different body parts to relax. Meditation is probably the most effective and simple relaxation techniques, it also has a profound impact on your physical health but also it significantly affects the mental health. It helps you keep your mind calm always and boosts your confidence levels.

Work out regularly:
It is a no denying that regular exercise plays a vital role in building muscle strength and losing weight. However, not many people know that regular workout also has a significant impact on your mental health. Studies conducted on patients suffering from generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder quit exercising completely. This in turn worsens their conditions and dents their self-esteem. Anxiety disorder treatment specialists suggest that regular exercise is one of the best remedies to improve your wellbeing and speed-up your recovery process. Exercise helps you to develop the right mind frame so that you have the natural capacity to deal with panicky situation in a better way and keep your anxiousness under control.

Quit Alcohol consumption and drug usage:
People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder tend to isolate themselves from their surroundings and loved ones. They prefer to be lonely and in such situation they often resort to alcohol drinking or using drugs to seek respite from their situation. While the intoxication feeling provided by the drugs such as cocaine and alcoholic substances provides them instant relief, people do not realize the fact that consuming such illegitimate things would do more harm than good in the long run. Both alcohol and drugs have adverse effect on the mental condition as well as the thinking and behavioral pattern of the people suffering from the anxiety disorder. If you find it difficult to quit alcohol or give up you drug habits you must immediately seek medical help or enroll for a therapy course. This will immensely help you over your general anxiety disorder problems.

Avoid caffeine:
While you are looking for ways to deal with anxiety disorder issues you would be surprised to know that making certain minor changes to your lifestyle habits can go a long way in helping you get rid of the problem completely. One such minor change is to give your caffeine intake habits. If you are a heavy smoker or tend to drink lots of coffee through the day, the stimulations doesn’t go very well with the anxious feeling, it only worsens your condition. Medical expert would suggest you to switch to drinking decaffeinated beverages to alleviate your anxiety symptoms.

Be audacious to face situation that makes you feel anxious:
If someone tells you to face the situation that evokes anxious feeling in you, it is natural that you would be feeling dreaded and anxious. But when you actually face the situation again, you may find that it is not as hard as you thought it would be to be in such situation again. By confronting the situation again, you would give yourself the much deserved opportunity to overcome your fears. To make yourself feel comfortable during anxious situation you can practice certain relaxing techniques or focus on any particular task like counting backwards from 100 top 0.

Anxiety or panic attacks may lead you to be afraid of something but you must remind yourself that you can be a prisoner of such situation forever. You need to remember that though the feeling of being afraid would be real, the situation can not cause any harm or hurt you. When you experience a panic attack rate your fear feeling on a scale of 0 to 10 and keep track of the ratings in a journal. This would greatly help you to take necessary steps to reduce your fear and when you see your ratings going down you would automatically feel confident and eventually you may not feel afraid at all.

Anxiety relieving medications:
Several people around the world have got immense relief from taking anti anxiety medication. You must not feel ashamed to ask your doctor to suggest you some medication that would help you deal with your anxiety issues. There are several mediations available in the market that works by soothing your mind. It is advisable that you avoid using over the counter drugs because it may contain certain ingredients that may not suit your body type or your anxiety condition. It is strictly advisable that you use only prescription drugs and also use it exactly as directed by the doctor to get maximum benefit from the medication.

But before jumping into conclusions, you need to ask whether do your panic or anxiety attacks occur out of the blue or it happens during social occasions? If your answer is yes or you're just not sure, read further.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is one of the most common disorders suffered by a large number of people around the world. Research suggest that the teenagers are the most vulnerable to suffer from this disorder. 1 out of 10 people suffer from this disorder at some point in their live. It is a very unique disorder that evokes intense fear among the person in facing certain social situations, especially situations where the person affected feel that they would be watched or judged by others.

How To Overcome Social AnxietyThese social apprehensions can be sometimes so intensive that people tend to get anxious simply by thinking about them and they take extreme steps to avoid facing social situations. Social anxiety is a vicious problem and it severely dents the person confidence, self esteem and morale. The problem if left untreated may lead to severe consequences, sometimes the person may even get suicidal thoughts and it can be fatal. If you are looking for information on how to overcome social anxiety reading the tips can greatly help you.

Tips to overcome social anxiety are discussed below:

Change your life style habits:
This is surely one of the easiest ways to overcome your social fear. A small change in your daily routine can go a long way in get rid of your anxiety problems and it would make you a very confident person. While trying to over your social anxiety problems you need to take your time to probe about your daily habits, if you are one of those person who tend to smoke excessively or drink mugs of coffee while you are stressed you are only adding to your problems. Research suggests that stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine only add to the anxiety and therefore you must avoid such things. Besides, when you quit smoking you enjoy other health benefits as well, which in turn makes add to your confidence levels.

Sleep well:
It is the general tendency among people suffering from social phobia that they stay awake through the night and keep worrying about various things. Research has proved that worrying about something before going to bed hinders sleeping; it reduces the quality of the sleep and this in turn has a far adverse repercussion on anxiety issues. It is therefore advisable that you remove all the worry thoughts from your head before going to bed. This will not only help you get a sound sleep but also it will calm your mind and thereby help you meet the challenges head on.

Meditate and practice other relaxation techniques:
It is a known fact that anxiety leads to various physical symptoms such as breathing heavily, increased heartbeats and cold sweats. To beat such physical symptoms of anxiety it would be helpful for you to learn a few relaxation techniques. If you find yourself in a situation where your heart skips a beat, it is important that you stay calm in your head and don’t feel panicked. Try to take slow but deep breathes. Imagine that all your burdens and are worries are wearing away. Practicing breathing techniques daily would greatly help your overcome your social fears. It would help you stay relaxed even during stressful situations.

Another important thing that you can do to overcome your social phobia is to practice meditation or yoga. It is no doubt yoga offers tremendous health benefits; it not only improves your physical health but also makes you a mentally tough person. Meditation helps you remain calm and keeps your mind sharp and alert at all times. All these in turn would greatly help in boosting your self confidence and self esteem levels.

Enchant motivational verse:
Experts suggest that memorizing a certain phrase or saying about overcoming fears has a profound effect on soothing your mind under stressful situations. You memorize any phrase related to motivation from bible or other source and recite it while you find yourself to be caught in a tight situation. The feel good factor that you would get from reciting the verse of lines would pep you up and you would be in a better position to make your way out.

Look at the positive side of the things:
Often you would find yourself in a situation where people around you leave an ambiguous impression on you either verbally or in other non-verbal ways. It is natural that you tend to feel confused and cynical especially if you are suffering from social anxiety issues. However, you must remember that the key to over comes your social fears is to practice the art of looking at the positive aspects of everything. Try to gauge the positive meanings to what people could have meant rather than wasting your time in digging into the negatives. Try to imagine that everything is not just about you; believe that they might have meant something about others or even themselves. If somebody has been rude to you, calm yourself down thinking they might have had a bad day and you have nothing to do with it. Whenever you think of something negative make it a regular habit to think of the positive sides from it, train yourself in way that you can redirect your thoughts to something good or positive to get out of the situation.

Consult a therapist:
For some people social anxiety can be a very difficult problem to cope with, if you are one of those people who suffer from extreme mood swings or get irritated quickly and feel agitated it is important that you consult a therapist and get their advice on how to deal with the situation. It is important that you consult an experienced therapist who has a credible recording in treating patients suffering from social anxiety disorder. The therapist after thorough analysis of your problem may suggest you certain therapies such as behavioral therapy for a combination therapies to suit your exact needs. It is advisable that you don’t skip the therapy sessions. It would help you get rid of your problems quickly.

Thus, overcoming the problems of social anxiety is not a big task at all, you just need to know the right techniques to beat your social fear.

Now here's the scary part: there's a chance you could be having a psychological complication from either a panic attack, anxiety attack, or a social anxiety. And that complication is called Agoraphobia. What is it and how to know if you have one?

How to Overcome Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a type of phobia or a fear of a specific object or situation. Agoraphobia in simple terms refers to an anxiety disorder. Here the person thinks of a particular environment as difficult to overcome or escape or get help to resolve the issue. The situation in question can be anything and for that matter at any place.

How To Overcome AgoraphobiaIt can be in a wide open place where a person encounters something complex or it can be in a crowded place say a shopping mall where a person meets someone or encounters a certain situation. Agoraphobia brings about panic in the person as he is unable to deal with the situation. Any person would like to avoid such a situation where he or she is not comfortable and as a precaution, the person may even abandon those activities that cause Agoraphobia or stop visiting the places where there are chances on an anxiety disorder. As a result of the fear, there are instances where people have started locking themselves at home.

Agoraphobia is not limited to public places alone. A person can fear an anxiety disorder just about anywhere. As per statistics, Agoraphobia affects people the most in the age group between 20 and 40 and is more common in women. As per a study, in the US alone around 3.2 million or 2.2% of adults between the ages 18 and 54 suffer from anxiety disorder. This is a really high number.

Symptoms of Agoraphobia
The symptoms of Agoraphobia include Lightheadedness. The person may also encounter trouble in breathing and dizziness. Other symptoms include excessive sweating and a rapid heart rate, upset stomach or diarrhea, chest pain and swallowing trouble.

For teens, the anxiety disorder is such that anxiety may interrupt the learning process and this can hamper a teenager’s life. Let’s take a look at some common causes of Agoraphobia.

  • Substance induced: It has been noticed the frequent use of sleeping pills and tranquilizers can be linked to the cause of Agoraphobia.
  • Attachment theory: Agoraphobia can also be an attachment deficit where one is unable to tolerate spatial separations.
Diagnosis of Agoraphobia
It has been noticed, Agoraphobia develops after the onset of panic disorder. The adverse behavior comes into the picture after repeated attacks that lead to a situation where the person tries to avoid certain situations, knowing he or she will not be able to handle the situation.

How to Get Rid of Agoraphobia?
Agoraphobia cannot be overcome overnight. For that matter, it is not possible for an individual to overcome the disorder by himself. To help overcome Agoraphobia, Doctors and Psychiatrists are the best professionals to help such individuals. They can help a person overcome this disorder. Therefore, in short medications and therapy are the best ways to overcome this sickness. Psychiatrists may ask a person to look at a picture of a large crowd; the Psychiatrist may also advise you to watch a video of the same situation. The idea is to expose the affected person to a certain situation involving crowded areas or huge number of people or for that matter any situation where an individual is likely to suffer an attack. Here, the Psychiatrist only tries and removes the fear from one’s mind by exposing him or her to all possibilities and the results have been positive as numerous people have been healed via this method.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Places?
It is seen, in most case of Agoraphobia, people fear public places where there are huge crowds. Again, you need to treat this fear by visiting a Psychiatrist, who will try and expose you to various situations so that you are aware of just about everything. This is the best method to remove the fear from your mind.

The best way to treat Agoraphobia is the use of both medication and Psychotherapy. Medications would include anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicines to have a control on anxiety attacks. A doctor may prescribe a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). Psychotherapy is all about counseling to help counter the situations. One of the most commonly used therapies has to be cognitive behavioral therapy.

To conclude, Agoraphobia is a fear from something. In most cases, the fear in question cannot cause any harm to a person. Here, counseling plays a major role in helping the patient in overcoming fear. Agoraphobia cannot be overcome overnight as fear is all about the human brain and controlling the reaction of the brain can be a time consuming activity. A Psychiatrist is the best person to help the victim overcome this deficit. A Psychiatrist will guide the person on the various situations that can arise and how to handle them. The Psychiatrist will try and remove the fear from the person’s mind as in most cases there are just no dangers involved in the person’s reasoning and all that the doctor or Psychiatrist has to do is make the patient aware his or her thinking just does not involve any danger or hazard. As times change and technology advances, the number of people getting cured has increased manifold. Psychiatrists have started using innovative ways to counsel patients. It’s not just the US where people have overcome fear, patients all over the world have benefited from the treatment methods and this is really good thing.

Going forward, with more innovations coming into the picture, we can expect the process to be simplified even further. Besides, nowadays, such disorders can be identified at an early stage in the life of a person and the earlier the fear is overcome, the better it is for the person. On the other hand, when the disorder is treated at a latter or advanced stage, it can be a really time consuming activity to remove the fear from one’s mind as the Psychiatrist has to spend time with the patient as he or she may have gone through a lot of hardships over a long period of time and overcoming such fears can be time consuming.

Not that I want to further worsen your fears... but if you do not get rid of your panic attack, anxiety attack, social anxiety, or agoraphobia, it can worsen so bad to the point that you will suffer from depression. And depression makes your condition from bad to worst. It is like a continuous loop that just keeps looping - getting worser every single day. So you need to learn the right ways on how to cure panic attacks or your anxiety issues IMMEDIATELY.

There's this anti-anxiety program that uses CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and it has successfully helped many victims cure their condition. It has received numerous positive reviews with tremendously high success results (over 150,000 people had success with it!).
And that program is called the Panic Away program.

The Panic Away program teaches the readers the “One Move” technique in order to fight the disorder. The contents of the program include the following:
  • Definition of Anxiety
  • Myths and misinterpretation
  • The One Move and its application
  • General Anxiety
  • To meditate or not
  • Tapping into you hidden potential
The book tries to clear all the myths about panic attacks. The program tries and brings about various scenarios that can create panic in the mind of a patient. The book gives you tips on how to handle various situations and the techniques have been explained in detail so as to help the patient control fear in a better way.

In short, the methods explained in the program are really descriptive and the language used is really simple so as to aid in better understanding of the individual. The program has received really good feedback as there are numerous individual, who claim they were able to overcome anxiety disorder, thanks to the Panic Away program.

There are some critics that claim the Panic Away program is a scam. However, this may not be true as there are numerous instances where people have been cured and the only reason why they were able to overcome fear was on account of going through the techniques listed in the Panic Away program.

Anxiety disorder cannot be treated overnight. In simple words, it is all about removing fear from one’s minds and this is a complex process and cannot be done by a person himself. He or she will have to take help from a doctor or refer to the Panic Away program in order to overcome the causes of this disorder. The Panic Away program is a real success and it is highly recommended. The explanations are really descriptive and numerous situations are covered in the book. In most cases, the situation why a person gets an attack can actually cause no harm whatsoever and it is just the person’s perception about the situation that is causing the anxiety disorder. The book tries to educate the person and gives proof that the situation will actually cause no harm whatsoever to the person.

To conclude, the Panic Away program has helped numerous people not just in the US but other countries as well help overcome fear. The program is a really simple way of overcoming fear and is highly recommended. The situations described in the book are descriptive with numerous examples of our everyday lives. The explanations provided are top class and the language used in really simple. The popularity of the Panic Away program is on the rise and the main reason for this has to be the positive feedback from patients.